Arriving in Italy

Arriving in Civitanova felt very welcoming. There are certain cities in the world where you feel some type of immediate comfort. We felt like this was one of them. The very old traditional houses that you find in many areas in Civitanova give it a very cozy vibe. But it doesn’t stop there. It goes on when you meet the people. Meeting in the midst of the market, walking with an almost unbelievable intent to the coffee shop to sit down and have the conversations of our lifetime. Very friendly, laid back and welcoming. We knew, this place and these people.. there was something to it. That certain pride that many people talk about referring to Italians. We felt it. And soon we found out why. Working with people that have so much experience, are experts in the tradition of shoemaking and work passionately on your product is truly a great experience. Italian artisans - they take their time, work at their own pace but the outcome is phenomenal. Better said unbeatable and incomparable.

With our visions in mind, our designs on paper but not a hint of a physical product it we impatiently waited to finally hold the final product in our hands. By working hand in hand with those experienced souls the visions and paper sketches relatively quickly became a wonderful piece of art, not only to be dreamt about but to be touched, smelled and admired. Many months of passion, dedication hard work and willpower went into the creation of our wonderful The 5" Flagship model. Then when the end result was presented to us we could barely believe the beauty, elegance and luxury that presented itself right in front of us. The birth of a legendary and innovative pair of sneakers, crafted only by the best is what we present to you today.. The 5”.