For a Better World with LAJABU SEVEN

It’s December, which for most is the time of getting together. Spending time with their families, getting all cozy together and probably thinking about the past 12 months or the upcoming year. About good and bad. Experiences. Lessons learned. Blessings.
We use that month to give back to the ones who need it the most!

We are fortunate to be in a situation that allows us to help. We want to celebrate that by giving back to those that are less fortunate, whether it be children and families in Africa that suffer from starvation or animals that are endangered and mistreated or nature that is the backbone of all our lives and health. 

During this December, we are giving back 10% of every purchase made, to different charitable causes.


The projects that we are donating to are the following:

  1. Saving endangered species and helping animals
  2. Families and children in need in Africa
  3. Preserving nature and rescuing what's still there to be rescued


This world needs change. Change to the better. And especially to those who can't do anything but suffer under the habits that we, the humans, have every day.

Because what are we good for, if we can’t improve the planet that we live on, right?

Making an impact and giving back is the greatest of all gifts that we can think of, so be a part of the change we can create together if we stick together.

For a better world with LAJABU SEVEN and YOUR help.

Giving back in December with Lajabu Seven
Giving back in December with Lajabu Seven
Giving back in December with Lajabu Seven


Do you have any more questions regarding the charity projects?
Feel free to get in contact with us at: