The City that never sleeps. The city of opportunities.
That's what most people call it.

Everybody knows which city is meant when they read it.

But who has ever really experienced it?

The energy that this city absorbs from every single sole creates a very special vibe. A vibe that everybody feels. But not everybody can handle it. The opportunities are there. Constantly.
They cross your path all the time.

You just have to realize them and eventually grab them.
Not everybody does. We did.

If it comes to fashion 5th Avenue and Soho are the go to places.
Well known all over the world for its luxury, 5th Avenue holds almost every high-end luxury fashion brand anybody could think of.

Lajabu Seven started with a photo shoot on the famous avenue but through the given opportunities and sleepless nights in this city,

the vision of a Lajabu Seven flagship store in New York City is soon to become reality in the future of this extraordinary brand.