Luxury Guru Butti Alsalem

Being one of the biggest Luxury Gurus and Lifestyle Ambassadors from Abu Dhabi, UAE Butti Alsalem has almost seen it all in the luxury industry. Especially in fashion but more importantly in the designer shoe segment he knows what quality and unique design mean. So our Cobra Statue High-Top model seems to be the right thing for him to add it to his exclusive sneaker collection that he likes to wear on his fancy luxury hotel hopping trips he "occasionally" does.

Luxury Guru and Ambassador posting Lajabu7
His LAJABU SEVEN exclusive luxury sneakers on his Instagram account @butti_alsalem among his fancy cars and luxury hotel visits.


Luxury Sneakers worn by Abu Dhabi Luxury Guru Lajabu Seven  


Butti is rocking the LAJABU SEVEN RED COBRA STATUE HIGH-TOP SNEAKER with finest Nappa leather and the 18k Gold plated signature cobra on the heel. Shop his shoes.