Origin of Inspiration SOUTH AFRICA


To travel with Lajabu Seven means to enjoy life to its fullest. Traveling to the most exotic and warm places, experiencing adventures and collecting memories. 

The motherland. A magical place where it all began. Beautiful mountains in the back and the mysterious ocean in front of you. Many people call it the most beautiful city in the world. The city of Cape Town, the heart of the Western Cape region in South Africa. Popular for its fine wines, fabulous experiences, and breathtaking landscapes. 

South Africa offers a lot of experience and particularly so does Cape Town. Discovering the famous South African wine on a tour through the Western Cape vineyards, spending the day on a game drive or overseeing Cape Town from a bird's eye view in a helicopter. To round up your experience you hike up Lion's head and enjoy a nice glass of Champagne when the South African sunsets in the evening, before your return back to your luxurious hotel.

Living at this place is an extraordinary experience. It deserves its own chapter in Lajabu Seven's life. It was the inspiration for our vision. The semen embedded in the lap of the motherland that prospered and grew to become a vision, a concept and eventually a brand.