We care. Do you?

This month we at Lajabu Seven want to give back. 

To us, it has always been a dream to be able to help the ones in need. Now that we at Lajabu Seven and most of our clients and fans are fortunate enough to experience a life with all basic needs covered and probably much more than that, we think it is time for us all to give back to the ones in need and make a change. The ones that have to worry about being able to drink clean water, the ones that have to worry about being able to eat anything - simply the ones that have to worry about being able to stay alive and see tomorrow. While many people in Africa do still live under very bad circumstances, severe poverty and die every day, in other parts of the world people worry about what new smartphone they should get or what car they should drive today.
Now we want to help and get you a little closer to helping the ones in need while still enjoying the top of the luxury in the sneaker world.

If you purchase your pair of Lajabu Seven sneakers in December not only do you get the best and most luxurious sneakers - you can be a life saver! Lajabu Seven donates 10% of every purchase to people in need. 
December is the time of family and the time of love. Help the ones in need. Care about the ones that are less fortunate. Every pair can help one family in Africa to get clean water and food supplies. All donations are being made through childfund.org who have been supporting children and families all over the world and especially in Africa for many years.

Now even if you don’t purchase your pair of sneakers and help to make a change through Lajabu Seven, we still encourage you to care. Every amount can help. Head to childfund.org to read more about them and to donate now.
Or purchase now and donate together with us.

Make an impact. Save lives.