The Story of Lajabu Seven


LAJABU SEVEN unites pure luxury, scarcity and extraordinary art with uniquely designed jewelry, footwear and accessories.

Lajabu Seven is a German based, luxury footwear and accessories brand with ingenuity and style focusing on footwear and accessories for men and women sold worldwide.

Founded by Leon Merch and Lars Schröder, who have been heavily inspired by their frequent travels to different countries and their life in South Africa, Lajabu Seven is the expression of freedom and choice for the better things in life that make life worth living.

They started by creating an elegant masterpiece, also known as The 5” Sneaker, as the epitome of luxury and prestige, manufactured in Italy the home of Italian leather manufacturers and excellent craftsmanship.

The Lajabu Seven Cobra postured on all Lajabu Seven products is our pledge in delivering Power, Strength and Royalty, confidently worn by individuals that know their own worth.

Inspired by African beauty and charm, Lajabu Seven finds its roots in South Africa. Lajabu Seven is a symphony of extraordinariness in the African language Kiswahili (‘Ajabu’) framed by the founders' spirit (‘L’ for Leon and Lars) and the number of completion and luck (‘7’) creating the brand name Lajabu7.

Reshaping luxury and symbolizing the brand's origin, the very rare naturally gold colored Cape Cobra, represented as our Lajabu Seven King Cobra that expresses Power, Strength and Royalty with its royal crown and impressive appearance.

Because we don't compromise and don't settle for anything other than the best, we are LAJABU SEVEN.

The LAJABU SEVEN brand and lifestyle are the expression of the passionate individualist who seeks for freedom and the choice of living an extraordinary life without limits and make their dreams reality every single day.




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