Return Policy
The purchased item may be returned within the first 14 days after delivery.
When returned within 14 days after delivery a full refund of the amount payed is possible (excl. shipping and excluding duties) only when the item is in a good and its initial condition.
A good condition is considered as that the item is clean, unworn and free of marks, scratches or any other dysfunctionalities. The product has to be in its initial condition exactly as it has been shipped to the customer.
Good condition has to be proven by pictures. The customer has to submit pictures of possible damages within 7 days from day of delivery. Without such proof no item can be returned nor refunded. If proof has been submitted and damage seems legit the sent back item will be inspected by LAJABU SEVEN and if any damages can be approved refund or replacement will be proceeded and granted replacement shipping cost will have to be taken by the customer. Any return shipment cost are to be taken by the customer. Any occurring duties are to be taken by the customer and will not be paid by Lajabu Seven. 
The returned item must comprise
     Original sales receipt
Original shoe/product box (undamaged) 
Certificate of Authenticity (if included)
Certificate of Manufacturing (if included)
Original spare studs (if included)
Original spare laces (if included)
Original dustbag
Letter of Appreciation
LAJABU SEVEN will not refund any amount if your order has not been received because the shipping address provided during the checkout procedure was inaccurate or incomplete unless that order is classified as undeliverable and returned to LAJABU SEVEN.

Do not use the original shoe box as the shipping box. Lajabu Seven will not be responsible for processing of such items.

Please contact customer service if you have any questions prior to processing a return. All returns must have a return label on the package with an RA#. To process your return and receive an RA#, please email our return desk at: Customers are recommended to obtain a tracking number prior to sending back returns. Once an RA# is processed, the items must be shipped out immediately so packages can be received within 2 weeks of the date the RA# was created. Lajabu Seven reserves the right to refuse return of any merchandise that does not meet the above return requirements at our sole discretion. Any occurring cost of shipment or duties on any side, either the home country of the customer or the country that Lajabu Seven is located in, have to be taken by the customer and will not be paid by Lajabu Seven.